Render Baking?!

One aspect of rendering I have not quite gotten the hang of is Render Baking, which can cut down on render times significantly.

What is the best approach for render baking? Can someone walk me thru the steps of setting up a render bake to bake a bunch of textures (maybe with stencils layered on them) onto a mesh? A sample blend would be the best.

I’ve learned baking is like taking on all of textures and converting them into a UV map, but when I render the final result, it’s ugly and horribly low-res. Is it not as simple as this?: select all the vertices of the mesh, U key and simply unwrap the mesh, and then just bake to that result.:confused:

Can’t post anything real in depth right now, but the basics: You need to make a uv map for your object (u, light pack method for a dirty uv). Then you go to the render bake tab, enable baking textures, and click the bake button (or whatever button is there). It should automatically bake the textures to the uv map.