Render bgui to video texture?

can you render BGUI to a texture, and then
use it on a face?

to make a computer? or ui in game, like
a cell phone?

render the texture as a overlay?

put a little screen with a button
point at the button with the crosshair mouse
and open a in game ui for the object?

are you wanting the texture to be live and reflect what’s happening in the overlay UI? or just a static copy of what the UI looks like? or do you want the in-game screen to be the only UI (ie, no overlay, just interacting with in-game object)? i’ll admit i never messed with bgui but instead just make my own interfaces when needed. but maybe some more info will help when someone more familiar with it comes along.

Render a UI that changes based on user inputs,

but render the UI on a objects Face as a texture,

I can localize the hitPosition to the screen, and use that to interact with the overlay,

(interactive text based UI with symbols)