Render Blues:Nothing's Showing Up here...

Alright, I’m kind of desperate, and in a rush since I’ve got a 30 second animation commercial due for a class this week and now i’ve ran into a slight little glitch, When I attempt to render even a single frame of the animation, nothing, I mean absolutely nothing shows up on the screen, it’s only pitch black…and of course, for the whole scene, is just one simple beer can, placed upon a white surface plane with a white background, with a very simple camera animation, and it’s worked before, but now for some reason, it won’t render out the final image, just only a blank black image, I’ve tried to see what I’ve been doing wrong, but so far, el zilcho has reigned dominatly, so I’m desperate here, any theories or ideas of what could be causing this little glitch?

Oh oh also, yes I have a lamp set up in the scene btw

Can you post a blend file?

A couple of very common causes: you may have accidentally turned the cube into the rendering camera with Ctrl-Num0, or you turned on Do Sequence in the animation buttons. But a lot of other things could be happening here. I second ObiRon’s request, please post a blend file.

Ah yup, actually, it was the Do Sequence button that did it, thank you very much btw, and yes I’m going to try to post a blend file as soon as I can, just alot of stuff going on at the moment since it’s the last semester, and I’m flooded with so many final projects and assignments to do, I’ve also run into another snag, I haven’t really gotten down the whole animation bit, so far, I’ve managed to fix up the rendering and to get my beginning shots, but of course, in this particular case, I’ve got a little obstacle, how does one, say if you have an main object, a can, then you have a secondary objected that is the wrapper of the can which is parented to it, how does one create a more uniform movement with the wrapper colliding with the cans mass, if anyone has any particular experience in the dynamics field with the actuators, I would really appreciate it, and I was going to try the obvious solution, to get rid of the wrapper object and just uv map it on the can itself but well I’m open to ideas and I’ll post a blend file as soon as I can