Render Bug - Blender 2.5

Trying to figure out if this bug is just me or if it’s a larger problem. When I first started usingt 2.5, I learned that after I rendered anything, my user interface seemed to “lag”. If I scrolled up or down, the words and buttons wouldn’t move and would “overlay” with whatever else my computer was showing me within the Blender window. I later learned that to get it to act and look normal again, all I needed to do was minimize the window, then restore it. Doing so would make everything look normal again.

Regardless, this is more annoying than anything else as it doesn’t severely hamper functionality, but I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem and see what the solution might be. The reason I post this now is that I just upgraded to the newly released 2.53 with the hope that the problem would be solved, but it’s still there. Thoughts?

Press Ctrl Alt U. Go to the system tab. Where it saids automatic, try changing that to something else.

kingalex is talking about the draw mode.

If you still have problems, report to the bug tracker: