Render bugs : internal triangle + crippling blur

Hey guys,

I’m rather new to Blender, and I made a “glowing text” animation, but I’m having bugs I don’t figure out where they come from :no:

First, here are my links to the project :

  • My animation, posted on Youtube (in 1080p)

And here are my bugs, occuring on “B” and “P” letters :
1- First one is occuring in the beggining, when red text is at low emit value. You can clearly notice annoying internal triangles.
You can clearly notice it, for instance at frame 1 :

2- Second bug is at the end : the red blur begins to shake (especially on left side of “B”). Look at frames 110 and 111, and compare : the blur is different.

Any idea why is this happening ?

Thanks for help !

Ok guys, I figured out what was the problem.
I just convert my text object into a mesh (Alt-C), and that worked all fine. I don’t know if it’s a bug from Blender, I guess it is.

Hope this helps !