Render build information

Hi there.

Is there a way to output the information displayed at the top of the UV/Image Editor when rendering? I’m having problems with a failing render and can’t quite make out what the last couple of messages are as it fails.


I’m basically running out of GPU memory, which is surprising as I wouldn’t call this scene complicated, although I have got to 1,7m faces. I’ve found reducing my sub-surfs on certain objects is getting around the problem, a bit disappointing, but there you go.

Does anyone know of a way to change/set the subsurf of multiple objects in one go? I can band box several objects and change the subs but it only actually changes one of them. I have several hundred to do, which is going to get very boring!

Hi, in Scene Tab is a setting “Simplify”, the Subsurf setting owerwrites all Object settings but only for rendering.

Cheers, mib

Many thanks mib, really helpful. :o)