Render Button & Camera Manager For Blender 2.80 -[UPDATE 15/08/2019] - v0.3.5

Oh wait, I’ve just read that Blender 2.81 has no support for now. I tried it on 2.8 and it’s damn amazing! Thanks for this addon and sorry to bother you. What’s weird is that other plugins that do a similar multi-camera rendering thing also don’t work.
The “insert camera to view” button is dope

Do you think that you could add some buttons and a progress bar for animations?

Also, other timeline/playback/options buttons would be welcome:

Hi, cool add-on but cant understand it is pissible use them for multiple render animation at once?
Like if Stereoscopy is On and multi-view configured? Or always still need to enable and configure it separatly?

Otherwise, the files are simply overwritten or there is only one animation pass. Or maybe I badly look and search?