Render Button & Camera Manager For Blender 2.81 [UPDATE 07/01/2020] - v0.3.7

Yes I saw some other discussion too, it is very clear now. Sad.

There are two downloads for the Render Button addon but I can’t find the download for the Camera Manager. Can it be readded? :slight_smile:

Its all in one, just called with &

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Wow, Thanks! I didn’t recognized that, haha :sweat_smile:
This addon really saved me a lot of sweat and pain today

Heollo. I’m in the same situation. Both in the same file, OK but after install the add-on I have not the tab function in viewport. The add-on functionalities don’ appears it. This add-on looks amazing but I can’t use it. Thank you very much.

Make shure you have the latest version installed (0.3.7)

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Hello everyone, I was sure but there was a conflict between the old and the new version, I remove it, I install it and all OK, thank your very much. Regards.

I downloaded the file, but when I try to instal it (blender 2.91)… then I can install it… but the addon doesnt show up in the list of installed addons…so i can’t activate it …

Please advise what Im doing wrong?

edit: I know what I did wrong… I had to manually remove the previous version of the addon… problem solved!

1 more question though… is it possible to render a VIDEO or image sequence of the selected camera? When I press the ‘render this camera button’… it only renders 1 frame and I would like the entire camera sequence…thanks!

How did I missed this ginormica thread?! This addon is SUPERB!
Thank you for sharing it @Hokuss , even the sound and shut down (two forever separated addons in the community) now live in harmony.

Quick question: How possible is it to include a function that says “Render frame and copy to memory buffer”? I often times don’t need to see the image (and thus the 3d viewport changes) render completed. What speeds up the workflow is to press F12 for an image and have it INSTANTLY loaded (copied to) the RAM memory buffer so I can switch windows press CTRL+V and paste the most recent rendered image from Blender.

How possible could it be to implement such function?

Awesome addon, thanks <3

What happens if you use this addon, create multiple different sized cameras, then open that file in a copy of blender that lacks the addon and save it? Do the cameras lose their custom size information?

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Hello! Saving render passes for each camera only happens if markers are set?