Render Button & Camera Manager For Blender 3+ [QUICK FIX 07/04/2022] - v0.3.9

can we pause and resume the render. (for example im rendering a scene and its late night and it will take more than 1hr and i will pause and shoutdown my pc. Next morning if i resume it should start from the remaining of the render). Any option in the addon. Thanks

Great, super usefull.

Hi atekdigital

The short answer is no.
Pause/stop and resume functions are not implemented in cycle render.

I may be wrong, but I can’t find any new information about this feature today.

But it seems to be possible with the seed solution.

I never tested it… maybe i can investigate to implement the seed method in a function. I don’t know if it’s technically possible and I don’t know what are the constraints of this method

@Eduardo1, @Magogg, @crib
thanks. Glad that it can be useful

Be safe and Happy blending


Thanks. After pause, can i restart my pc and resume it?

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According to its gumroad website, “it can even hold a pause while your computer is asleep!”

@atekdigital: the author of Blender Suspender has recently created a thread for his addon, you can ask him your questions if you want : [Addon] Blender Suspender


Is there a way to deactivate the big render button ? I only want the camera manager.

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Hi @Hokuss ,

Is it possible to include “Viewport Render Image” for batch rendering?

This render type is quite useful for quick previews displaying the viewport with overlays, wireframes etc.

It seems that there is a bug with the big render button when set to Render Frame. The resolution gets reset to 1920x1080 when you press the button. Rendering via F12 respects whatever resolution you set the blend to. This is quite annoying as the button is really useful otherwise. I have tested this on Windows 10 and OSX Crapalina.

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I get 100% crash if I use ctrl+z after this

There is a button for ruler in view and the render button is removed, it’s a cruel world. :smiley:

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@Hokuss May I ask if you are associated with BlendFab?

I just saw this and seemed a bit sketchy

Blendfab is a bunch of nasty scammers.

Yes I saw some other discussion too, it is very clear now. Sad.

There are two downloads for the Render Button addon but I can’t find the download for the Camera Manager. Can it be readded? :slight_smile:

Its all in one, just called with &

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Wow, Thanks! I didn’t recognized that, haha :sweat_smile:
This addon really saved me a lot of sweat and pain today

Heollo. I’m in the same situation. Both in the same file, OK but after install the add-on I have not the tab function in viewport. The add-on functionalities don’ appears it. This add-on looks amazing but I can’t use it. Thank you very much.

Make shure you have the latest version installed (0.3.7)


Hello everyone, I was sure but there was a conflict between the old and the new version, I remove it, I install it and all OK, thank your very much. Regards.