Render cad file with cycles

How to render a cad file made with Briscad or Solidworks with the cycles engine.
Without using blender.

I think Rhino has Cycles.

I thought cycles could be installed stand alone.
Is this possible for windows 10?

Yes, but the standalone is not ready for production and you have to compile it yourself:

Still not ready? Compile myself.
Hope it is easier then compiling a on premise flamenco. I don t want more nightmares lol

No idea. I have never done it myself. I only remembered reading about it a couple of years ago when I was trying something similar. Apparently not much has changed.

I also believe I remember that the developers said that the standalone won’t be developed any further but I could be wrong.

Could be in the mean time there fully focused on flamenco cloud. On premise was never a succes.