Render Challenge 7: The Spaceman (4K) (2020)

Hi there! I just joined this community and I will upload some old and new stuff. I hope that you like it! :slight_smile:

This was my first released image done and in Blender and here is the quote from that post in 2020:

“This was my entry in Fabio Palvelli’s “Render Challenge 7: The Spaceman” and I named it “Space Speleology”, because it’s basically two astronauts doing cave cartography on a distant world. They might be exploring and mapping a vast cave system or simply setting up camp to survive the hostile environment outside. I’m currently learning Blender 2.8X, so this is really my first image created and rendered using that (Cycles). I didn’t have time to rig the character (nor learn rigging in Blender) though, so this was the result in the end and just before the challenge deadline. Thanks for watching.”