Render challenge completed. (With .Blend file.)

Maxwell Render Magazine presents my Blender tutorial for this scene:-

Scene file available for download.
Please read the included instructions and enjoy the file.
Please do not mirror this file or re-distribute it in any form.
14Mb .7z file. If you need 7zip you can download it here:-

Here is the same file in .rar format.

New render and multilight animation added 6/11/06.

Couple more renders and another multilight animation added 2/11/06

Final submission:-

Final multilight submission. Quicktime 5.4MB .mov:-

Reference photo:

WIP thread is here.

New renders:-

New multilight animation:- (Scroll to bottom of the page and wait for the download button to appear. Will take 30secs.)

New render and multilight animation:- 6/11/06

Multilight animation:-

Final scene statistics:-
Num Meshes: 361
Num Triangles: 1912265
Num Vertexes: 982611
Num Normals: 975944
Num Bitmaps: 35
Num MXMs: 83
Num Multilight Emitters: 19
Sample Level: 17.02
Time taken: 26hrs 7min
Maxwell Benchmark: 9.94
Threads: 8 specified 17 used
MXS file size: 167.4MB
Multilight MXI file size: 1GB
Peak Memory during render: 1.79GB
750 Multilight frames created at 10 per minute @ 800x600

Modeled entirely with Blender 2.42 and rendered with Maxwell Render V1.1.

Again thank you all who took the time to be so helpful, I hope you like my work. :smiley:



great work i been following this from the WIP
looks like the ref pics lol

the only notisable diff is that there is a reflection on the door in the original lol
the overhang lamp right next to the curtains isnt closed lol
the lights are a little to low, they should be further up inside the light fixture
and the right monitor (the white 1) seems to be at the wrong angle

but anyways thats just the stuff that cought my eye

Beautifully finished work, nice to see it without grain. One crit(even though i know it final for the contest), the specularity on the back chair seems off to me, but still great work! (*****) Too bad you had that crash so close to the deadline.

Unreal! In a very real scense.

That is incredible Sonix! Only I think there needs to be more definition between the two doors.

Easily 5 stars from me!!!

Insane amount of work, but it paid of. :slight_smile: 5*

Truly amazing and inspiring work, Sonix! 5 stars!


utterly sick dude. most impressed with your guts and determination sticking this through, killer job. I hope you win!

Absolutley brilliant mate,
great modeling, texturing and lighting, I hope you win the thing. Best of luck !

5 stars

Amazing work Sonix, I followed your WIP and this is the result of your talent and your great modelling skills.


I must say, I had to double check several times to see whether the render was the reference picture or not! This is an astonishing piece of work, Sonix! VERY well done indeed.

wow. when i first loaded the page i thought that was the reference photo, and was wondering where the render was(i had a look at the wip thread a while ago). great work.


This turned out great sonix. Congrats and good luck.


Excellent work! *****

Good work!

I liked the grey shaded ones a little bit better though…seemed more…yea, well,
realistic. But great work, man! 5 stars for the detailed modeling!

hey, great job!

Amazing. The thing that makes it so convincing is that it doesn’t have that clean look many of those interieur renders have.

You get 5 Mr.T’s from me… … well deserved.

Awesome work. At first I didn’t believe it was CG. I’m just astonished.

Yup, I’ve been following this one from the start in the WIP forum. Looks amazing with everything put together. 5 Stars unquestioned.

That is incredible…wish id seen the WIP!

2 words: gallery