Render challenge - wip .Blend file available

Here is my .Blend file for this project. 24/11/06

Please read the included instructions and enjoy the file.

Please do not mirror this file or re-distribute it in any form.

14Mb .7z file. If you need 7zip you can download it here:-

The first Maxwell render contest. To match a photograph as acurately as possible using Maxwell render. As usual I’m doing all the modeling with Blender.

My reference photo (My office):-

Desk modeling completed.
Keyboards modeled.
PC monitors modeled.
Da Vinci colour control surface modeled.

Blender pre-viz renders, camera angle not matched yet.

Reference for control surface:-

Quick Maxwell un-smoothed clay render:-

More tomorrow.


hey man,
Lighting is going to be the key over here, nice details on the desk. Btw just love your blender internal render, absolutely brilliant :wink:

Best of luck for the challenge!


Cheers mate. :smiley:

Small modeling update, Kodak box & video switcher panel:-

wow great job. I really like the clay model version. your modelling is really nice as well. is all that equipment for doing lights at shows?

you rock dude, you rock…

really great stuff buddy, good work. i am watching you :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that is excellent.


Vellum, no I work for a TV company, transfering 35mm & 16mm film to digital formats & colour grade the pictures in the process.

Maxwell quick clay render of switcher & Kodak box in situ:-

Chair Blender wire:-
Maxwell quick clay render:-

More later.


Phone modeled:-


Does Maxwell support Blender, or do you use a special Blender Plugin for that?

Going great,
I am wondering how you did that “clean looking” telephone wire ?


Lookin nice, ill be cheering for you on this one to! rock on, and most important BLEND ON!

um… wow. Great work, the modelling is incredible. Good levle of detail and attention to little things. Keep it up, this will be a great render.


ChojinDSL, these are a straight .Obj export from Blender, imported into Maxwell Studio.

garphik, the phone cable is easy.

Add a circle in front view, copy one vert & extrude that upwards the distance you want between the coils.
Now select all verts and move them so the two seperate verts are at the zero crossing point of the 3d grid. This is because Blender uses the zero point for the center of the screw.

Then set the screw options in the mesh tools window.

Steps is for the number of extrusions in 360’ and turns is for the number of coils you want. I’ve used 9 steps & 219 turns.

Next make sure all verts are selected and press the screw button. Then click in the 3Dwindow. (Must be in front view!)

Go to top view and select the tube of verts in the center of the coil & delete them. Ctrl+N to recalc the normals, press Set smooth and add a sub-surf modifier.

To bend it how you want, add a Bezier curve & parent the coil mesh to the curve (CTRL+P) using the Curve deform option.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Felix & xrqlz.


Modeled B&W speakers.
Modeled Sting video HDD.


Couch modeled.


Eyebox & Audio VU meter modeled:-


Wow, thats really amazing modeling! Especially the chair… So cool. The renders are looking great so far too!

Hey man,
absolutely great modelling!, detailing is getting closer to insanity, keep going.
thanks for the quick tip on screws, finally I can get it to work :smiley:

Cheers. :smiley:

Audio amplifier modeled.
TV monitor control box modeled.
Waveform monitors modeled.