Render color completely destroyed itself

Hello all Blender gurus. I’m a noob eager to learn. Recently I built the FastTrack Sword and the Stone lesson and got very good results. Opened the file again today, a week later from when I finished it, and not sure how or why, but for some mystery reason the entire seen is blown out in a fuchsia color, the glow effects on the sword is also completely different from when I first made them, also all the textures on the stones have disappeared.

Anyone have any ideas or insight about this problem?

Most likely blender can’t find some of the textures (and/or hdri if you have).
You could try Blender to find the images, but mostly you have to find it back yourself.
So you could go in the shaders, and check all the textures etc.
Purple is what Blender shows when it can’t find the texture. Maybe you have placed the textures to another location, or didn’t save properly before closing that time.


This is likely. I probably lost connections when I thought I was organizing files. Did not know that Blender turns purple when it’s lost, that’s kinda funny. Thanks for the lead, I’ll look into it.

Yup! That was it. Had to reconnect the textures and the HDR. All is well now. Thanks again!

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