Render colours are not as saved file

Hi guys,

Cant figure it out… when I render image with Cycles or Eevee I get colours I want in blender render view window. But when I open actual file colours are different.

Tried default scene still same problem.

Any ideas? I have attached settings I use.

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 22.17.01

Looks like you have a mac. Is it Display P3?

Tried. Still doesn’t work :frowning: Colours are such a mess.
Basically I want to select a specific color for material / render and save file with the color I selected.

So what I choose in material is completely different form what I see in render and when I save file I am getting different result again

Soooooo, is it Display P3?

For the image to look the same in different applications it has to go through the same display transform.
Cycles or eevee?
What are you saving as?
Why are you using curves?

You do realise you are adding lighting, shadows and reflections to those material colours ?

Yes it is 2017 MacBook Pro. Looks like it has P3 display.
I am using eevee, but I tried cycles as well. Same problem.

If I open a clean / fresh scene with a cube and make it orange. When I render I got one orange and when I save it JPG, PNG, TGA I am getting different colour.

Yes I understand about lighting :slight_smile: still all colours seems to move towards green. And I don’t have a way to control it or understanding what causing it.

Thank you for trying to help

So if it is definitely Display P3, try this thread -

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Thank you. Will try!