Render Comparisons

(Vidigiani) #1

How do you render then set up another render and compare the two? I remember there is a key to do it, but I can’t recall what :frowning: Thanks!

(dwmitch) #2

After the render press the ‘J’ key. Then press F11 to return the focus to the workspace, make your changes, render, then to compare press ‘J’ again. The first time you press it the screen will clear. Your render will still be there, though.

(Vidigiani) #3

Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

(theeth) #4

Hey, I didn’t knew that hotkey. Thanks!


(dwmitch) #5

I actually taught Theeth something?!? :o That’s amazing. I actually do searches for your replies so I can learn from you. I’m honored.

(theeth) #6

thanks, that really made my day :smiley:


(Goofster) #7

hmm, I can always try…

SWEET MOSES! I didn’t know that either!