Render consume too much VRAM - splitting into separate materials


I often render things that consume my 1536MB of memory on my graphic card and I’m unable to decrease the consumption without loosing the quality.
So in such situations I often split rendered scene into separate materials diffuse-glossy-tranculency-glass (transparency is included in each if I use it… ok… everytime… :RocknRoll: ), but doing it all manually, when I have my materials made into groups to speed up setting the scene for rendering is quite annoying.

So I wanted to ask it there a script that does that automatically or there’s no way to even make such script?

What if you just put your high-memory usage objects into their own scene? Then use Renderlayers to combine all the scenes in another scene. Blender will have to render each scene on it’s own thus giving full VRAM to each scene.

If they wouldn’t affect each other, yes.

Of course I had to forgot to mention I’m talking about Cycles rendering… Duh, stupid meh. ;D

For now I’m just making few copies of scene (mostly 4) and separate them to have specific rays (one for diffuse, one for glossy and one for translucency, glass only when scene have this shader).
After each scene renders I’m combining them into whole. This separating materials in each scene is time consuming so I was wondering is there a script that does that by few clicks rather than few hundred.

I was talking about Cycles too. You do realize that you don’t have to create a separate scene to get a diffuse layer in the compositor? That is what Renderlayers is all about. You can use one scene and pick and choose what parts of the render you want to combine.(i.e. diffuse, reflection, AO etc…).

The main problem with separating object in to scene, as I have mentioned, is reflections. But you may be able to fake that just by adding a reflection image to the high-texture component of your render.

Oh my god… I feel like an retard now. xD
I’ll check this when I’ll be able to

After few attempts I noticed I have quite heavy textures… Meshes doesn’t take that much, but those textures.
And separating it all into layers won’t help since it still need to load all textures. :expressionless: