Render crashes almost every time instantly


I’ve been working on a scene for quite some time and it’s extremely frustrating that I can barely render 5 frames in a row and it’s already a big progress if a single frame is rendered…
Blender almost always crashes as soon as I start a render or max 1 second after starting the render, almost never while working or rendering a frame.
I have no idea what could be bothering Blender so much, my hardware should be able to handle the scene as well.
The viewport rendering works fine most of the time too.

I am using Blender 3.5 rn, the same problem occurred with 3.4. I have also already updated all relevant drivers, unfortunately without success.

Since I’m a new user, I can’t attach files yet, so I can’t upload the file here.
However, I have uploaded it to my MEGA account in case anyone wants to take a look:

I would be really happy if anyone could helpe me here! :slight_smile:

RTX 3070 Ti 8GB Dedicated // 16GB Shared
32GB Ram DDR4
Ryzen 7 something something

I uloaded 2 screenshots with infos about the scene here:

Well, judging by the size of that mega folder and the fact that you only have 8gb of real vram, I’d guess your scene is too heavy.


On further review, the file itself is smaller than I thought, as the mega link included 2 backup autosaves, so the file itself is only 500 mb, though all the files aren’t packed so it’s even bigger on your end.

The car’s animation is all bonky, but I’m assuming that you have a script that I don’t. so that is probably that issue. The car is very high poly, with some inconsistencies in viewport/render subdivision level.

I was able to get it to render, and I have similar specs to you. It might be some addon that is causing the crash, or like my initial thought, it just might be too heavy, it immediately maxes out all 8 gb of vram, which is a bad situation and can crash much easier.

If I were you, I’d do a round of optmization and streamlining. See if you can reduce some polys in your environment and especially in that car.

Alternately, see if you can render your car and environment separately then composite them back together.


I feared that already… i took a look at the car model and it really is heavy. I think i will look into further optimizing the car and i will also take a look at my addons again. Thanks for the tips, ill post an update soon!

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Very first thing I’d do, is in Blender Under the File menu, select Clean-Up and do each of the Recursive options and then save as a new file.

Then after that see what you can optimise, etc.

And finally, if you are on the edge of VRAM for rendering, maybe look into command line rendering, since that doesn’t load the full Blender GUI, which on it’s own is using up some VRAM.

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So it looks like it was actaully a Memory problem… im stoopid.
I cleaned up the Scene and linked the car from another scene instead of having it in the same .blend. And now it renders happily as ever. Thanks guys! <3

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