Render crop question

Hello again.
I have a problem with rendering a cropped area:
When you drag-define a crop area (by pressing crop in render-stettings and then shift+b in camera-view) you can render that portion.
All fine and well; but, when you want another render-size, say another area of the camera, switching the ‘crop’ button off has no effect and the rendering continues on the small area.
You have to re-shift-b and select the entire camera (or a new portion) before it will work.
This means you cannot go back to the previous size you had chosen and this is a problem if you are relying on the exact position and size of the old area.

Is there a way of defining various “render-views” so that one can render at this or that without having to have multiple files and/or manually setting each time?

(Maybe a script that remembers all the rendering settings and can switch them in and out?)

Any word?

It’s Border, not Crop, but whatever… you can’t “unset” it AFAIK. And there are 2 render buffers, J with render window open. Not much I know but will allow you to see previous render, or keep one while you experiment with others.


Crop only sets whether or not Blender resizes the image to make it fit the resolution you defined. To do what you want to do, you have to toggle the Border button (for Border rendering).


I see now that when I press shift-b the BORDER button becomes active - I had not noticed that, hence my assuming that ‘CROP’ did what I know the word crop means from apps like Gimp…

At least pressing BORDER allows me to toggle the sub-area on and off for a specific rendering and an overall one!

Please forgive my stupid questions - I have ordered a manual, but that will take a few weeks to get to South Africa I suppose.