Render Cycle Problem ...

Hello Community ,

I want to say Sorry if there are already couple of Theards about this .
I got following Problem since yesterday i wanted to render a model in Cycle mode .
After the render proceed was finished , i went back to my Pc and was wondering why the final render result was darker then i saw it all the time in the Render proceed -> White and Clear … .

I’m going to post 2 Images that i did .

  1. It’s some days aöready agp . Everything was working fine on that day .

2 And now the example Image where everythign is messed up . IDK dont really know how that could be happen …;(

It would be too nice of you Guys if somebody could help me with my Problem .



I don’t see any blend files so we have no way of knowing anything about your scene, render settings, your materials, lighting etc etc.
So since you first rendered, what have you changed ?

I chaged nothing . after the bmx frame sence i tried to do a Animation but at all i chaged nothing on the settings

Well , i found the Problem after a few hrs . Anyways thank you for the fast response.


It looks like your world background color is “greyer” in one scene, compared to the other which probably has a more “white” background color.

Well i have this Problem again … I guess its because of the vignette it takes care of the hole render and not only for the edges … idk how to fix this . got any idea `?