Render Daemon

An idea to set up a global render farm using the internet in a similar setup to the setti project. I would like to expand on that.

(1) Blender already has the render code and/or yafray management code built in. Why make a separate network daemon?
(2) Going with the setti idea. We could have a central “master server” where each computer running Blender, registers itself when the user decides to make his cpu time available. Alternatively, instead of using a central “master server” to keep track of available computers (someone has to pay for it) why not use the network broadcast method used by Kazar and other “file sharing” apps.
(a) This means that Blender, when in “available” mode, will send out a UDP hearbeat packet every 30 secs containing it’s version number, yafray installed or not, cpu speed, process queue length etc.
(b) Blender, when NOT in “available” mode, will, in the background, collect whatever packets come in and build it’s own local fresh list of network render locations. When the user does a render, Blender will send key-frames to network computers chosen by fastest cpu and shortest queue, thus nicely distributing the processing and not overloading only the fastest computers etc.

Any support? %|

Already been done

but good job searching first…

I’d rather just have LAN support for network rendering on the windows platform.

that would be helpful

That has been around for years (for animations), for stills is an entirely difference story. although you could render in parts.


That has been around for years (for animations),

It has? A link? Some more information please?


Doesn’t look like its been around at all, really. Are you refering to a different project/version?

Network rendering is availible for windows. BUT you have to install a specially compiled version of blender called Instictive Blender. I was coded by itrr for use in his design studio in Germany. It also include softbody dynamics,Depth of Field rendering,named layers, audio sequencing attached to RVKs, and a new wave effect that can be have a “boat” object that can be moved/attached to the wave effect. That is the boat object will bounce up and down according to the frequency and height of the waves.

Its pretty easy to instal you just untar the iblender2.exe inside you normal blender install directory and make a shortcut on you desktop or start menu to that exe. Then when you want to use the new features you start instinctive blender rather then the regular bf blender. The only down side of it is that you cannot use the special features in bf blender. Instinctive will READ bf .blend files but once you add the do anything with the unique features and save that file bf blender will not be able to properly read that file.

It is availible here.

Oh don’t insult me intellegence :wink: I know of instinctive. I tried it out but it didnt work on my network. Intrr essentially said “oh…too bad…”

A specially compiled version, though? I wasn’t aware that anyone made a version of instinctive with a working version of Render Daemon…

I wish that would make it into the offical build…

Real Effects Studios is working on a similiar thing with Tiger Direct where four computers (total of 24Ghz) compute one file all controlled by a simple software…you fill out a form…it loads it to our queue and our computers render it and return it within 24hrs (animation require more time possibly)…and all FREE! we’ll keep you all posted!

RFXS Admin

:frowning: Unfortunately nothing I have done in the last four years of using blender is so complicated that it would require network rendering. Then again I have never used Radiosity,POV-Ray or YAFRAY. Well as I continue to use this great program maybe that is a goal I should make for myself. That is getting so good with it and being so artistic that my project will absolutely need a ray tracer and network render capabilities

i have a pet pieve and that is that Yafray doesn’t take as long as you all say it does! gosh, i have had things take a lot longer with Blender than some of the things i have done with Yafray! don’t belittle yafray like it was the slow poke of the community!

take all that in good humor as it was meant…

Maybe everyone thinks that Yafray is slower because it IS.

If you render “yellow sphere with interesting lighting” with Yafray and then render @ndy’s Mindfields with Blender, OF COURSE YAFRAY WILL BE FASTER.

Yafray IS slower in general.