RENDER DEV: Raytrace optimization thread, the possible end of the black dots bug

Now the possible end of the black dots

*new generic raytrace API
*Adapted octree to a more generic raytrace API
*ray shadow works (other untested stuff disabled atm)

On the scene tested the user-cpu time got from 1:24 to 1:19/20
probably because of removed callbacks or sligtly diferente memory usage

It may not sound like much but this is a big first step to improving the raytracer (as well as a bunch of coding work done for this first step).

There’s already been some speedup with this initial, but sizable commit, I am not skeptical of this project as Jaguarandi has already done the successful shrinkwrap modifier project.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see the improvments time after time. I am sure the development will work out great! There’s so much stuff coming I am so excited for everything to come :)! Improving rendering speed is great for non GI projects I’m sure this’ll push the usage of Blender in serious projects.

Pretty cool. I was hoping they’d do something to the raytracer.

and they need to - this is good news.

I hope this sumer project will end in an improved raytracer.


Well it’s going to likely get the dust off the core of the raytracing code for sure.

He also said on a webpage that he won’t be coding for one week in July as he does some scout thing I believe, but he’ll work hard so he can still get the project done.

Expectations are high, I am sure he knows this. Let’s hope that this project will make real difference.

well even a cleanup si alredy good - speed improvements even better :wink:

Today his work was on making the code more consistant by adding things like proper prefixes (good for future developers)

And could it be, BI’s famous black dots problem being fixed for good, or was that just a bug in his branch?

Hmm i wonder if he wants another machine to test on, how would i got about contacting him?

I have a Q6600 2.4Ghz, 3GB on XP32 and Vista64.

Isn’t that his Gmail address at the top of the Pipermail posts Cyborg Dragon linked to?

The possible end of the black dots bug that has been the subject of many reports of how to avoid it.

It worked for the test case he had, he’s still unsure, but he’s learning how the raytracer works.

The goodness that is stuff related to the BVH structure is starting to come in

It’s actually quite fun to see the placement of the roots that’ll allow the raytracer to become much faster and much improved for projects such as Volumetric rendering and photon mapping:yes:

yep! double yep!!

and also a triple yep thinking of this yummy posts on farsthary’s blog: