Render Device menu grayed out with CUDA selected under "Cycles Compute Device"

Hi all,

Okay so like most newcomers, I’m doing [Blender Guru] Andrew Price’s beginners tutorial series. I’m on part 9, last section, and trying to setup the IPR settings as he has done. Exactly as he did, precisely as he did. I did it multiple times to make sure that I did do it right. I did.


The Device menu [Render section under the Render tab] stays grayed out. Yet weirdly enough I can choose either CPU or GPU… I have CUDA selected, with my GPU, under the CCD prefs. I made a render to see if there was actually a difference, but there were no changes in time with the same sampling amount. I assume the settings are thus pseudo-active? So I’d like to be able to have this section light up and see the actual effect.

What the settings look
like as of currently.


  • Blender vs.: 2.78c

  • GPU: GeForce GTX 650Ti BOOST

  • GPU Drivers: Latest update installed [I double checked before posting this]

  • OS: Win 10 Pro

I’m hoping that someone here can help me. An ordered step-by-step guide/tutorial to fix this would be appreciated greatly (if there is even a fix).

I don’t know if this would help really but I have used GPU rendering with C4D - i.e. Octane and Vray and Redshift.

Please let me know if you need any other details. I tried to give as much info I thought would be of use.

Thanks a million in advance.

The card’s name (highlighted in red) is a toggle: Click to switch on and off.

Heya IkariShanji, thanks for the reply.

It was active.

In any case, with the release of 2.79 and the new checkbox UI feature, it was resolved.