Render disappearing

It’s only been happening lately and I have no friggin idea why, but when I render a scene, 9/10 times once the rendering process is done, the render window will blackout. So the only way for me to know how it looks like in the end is to save the render window and open the file but thats a pain. Anyone know how to fix this??

Sometimes I get this. All I do is zoom in and out with the mousewheel and the image is all there.
If that doesn’t help you, perhaps you could post your system specs, or at least your blender version and OS.

It worked, thanks but still annoying.

And it isnt my specs c2d 1.5Ghz, 2GB Ram, Vista, Blender 2.45

check that you don’t have “do sequence” or “do composite” enabled. In other words, Blender computes the Scene render and then shuffles it off to a black hole.

No they werent selected.