render doesn't render on windows!?!

just a quick question…
i have downloaded blender on windows 2000, whenever i try to render on it, it does not work. what is the reason behind this?
a friend of mine has also downloaded blender, and render does not work on his windows either, yet it does work on Linux…

i get this message in the console box:
GHOST event error - invalid window - win : 012D4D38

please help!! maybe we’re missing something?? %|


it has always worked with me and win2k

If you open the default scene and hit F12 you still get that problem?

I get sometimnes that problem when i close the rendering window by clicking the ‘X’ windows button…

But next rendering blender re-opens it!


Try using RenderView instead of RenderWin. In the Scene settings (F10).