Render EEVEE transparency with linked asset?

I set up a scene with transparent windows in a house. No issue rendering.

I then link that collection to a new blender file to set up my animation file. However, I can’t get the render to render the transparency. What did I miss?

Using Blender 2.83.3
Renders fine in cycles.

Anything but a render expert but did you tried to append instead of linked, so you have a chance to alter the material? Is the transparency ok when you put it on new created object (non-linked) in the new blender scene?

Yeah thanks. I didn’t really want to do that because I have a couple of heavy vertex characters to put in it. But I may have to because no one seems to know why this doesn’t render out. I popped the asset into Maya and no problem so it may be a bug just like what you have.

Ok library override in 2.90 sort of works for the viewport, but not the render. I’ll try the latest experimental and report back.
Build 7/29/2020 not yet, but I think we are getting closer.

Back to backup method of including the asset in file, UGH!