Render Engine for Blender

Hi all

I am looking into using Blender for work and would like a little information on what most people use to render with. I am basically looking to find out what is best.


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There are a lot of threads, all over the forums, where people have asked the same question “which is best”. The answer is, there is not Best render engine. My guess from what I have seen in the finished forum is that the vast majority of people use the Internal render engine. It is fast and is well designed for rendering animations. However, there are a lot of Photo real architectural renders that use Indigo, Lux, or more recently V-ray to render. That is not to say ,that without some effort, you cannot get a near photo real result from the Internal render. It just takes more work on the artists part to setup the lighting.

What are you planing on rendering? Cartoon animations, Movie effects, Still frame Graphic design work, Photo real product design, Architectural rendering, or something else?


There are numerous threads on the forum regarding render engines. Best search.

The choices are many depending on your what you’re looking to do with it/them, the best choice will be your own once you’ve familiarised yourself with them and find their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your needs.

My trade is Technical Illustrator and until now, I have mostly worked using Illustrator and Photoshop. I am looking at producing cross sections of engines etc and because of this I see that I will need to create a studio environment to stage cutaway/ghosted products. I will carry on searching the forums for relevant threads regarding render engines although, if the internal render engine is up to the job, I will start the learning curve there.

Thanks for replies and welcome.

seems to me that blenders internal might just give you more control over the illustration(s) if its illu’s your making with out the need for them to be 100% PR.

or you could just use one of the above mentioned ones…

Vray is probably the most famous/well known, but costs money, whilist the other two are free to use.

I had heard of LuxRender and Indigo but was not aware that there was an official Vray for Blender.

there is not a direct version of VRay for Blender but with an exporter you can render into the soon released VRay stand alone version.

Ahh, standalone, clever them.

I know Vray has been licensed to be used with SketchUp and that the creators are in the process of branching out to other applications. I was a little puzzled thinking Blender was going to be another such license.

I will probably not look at Vray for now as I’m a little tired of dealing with license restrictions. I’m not bitter, I’m just in a position where I can make my own choose for once.
I have been watching Blender, Gimp and Inkscape for about a year now and really like the ethos, community spirit and support you all give one another. Kudos!

if you come from illustration I think you will find Blender quite capable and the render engine also quite good. It still has not GI only Ambient Occlusion - with some tweaks you can get good results as well.