Render experiment Blender or YafRay under 2.48

I try to use YafRay and the output is a mess.
First i created new material and i use my avatar picture for texture (default settings).
I use cube with scale to create one object.
The texture settings :
The material settings:
The settings of YafRay is :
Render for Blender Internal ( and YafRay)
Output Blender Internal :
Output YafRay

Now if ai use this setting:
The material setting is :
(see modification of Ray Trans…is automat set by render engine)
And output of Blender Internal is :
The output of YafRay is with this set of alpha texture is :
What i need to set to see the background in YafRay ?
Thank you !

Not all of Blender’s functions are available to Yafray. Unfortunately World background gradients are one of the unavailable functions. You could use a background plane, or try Yaf(a)ray, it has a nice Sunsky background with Global Illumination.

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