Render F12 dont work

I have some strange problem with F12, but only in 2.49a. 2.50 work fine…

Maybe the reason I have both 2.49a and 2.50 laying beside each other at my iMac Intel 10.6.2 dock.
When I press F12, renderwindow flash for less than one second

F11 work fine to.

Do you know the reason

Thanks in advance

Having both versions in the dock makes no difference, they do not interfere with each other.
Have you selected Do Sequence or Do Composite in the render settings by mistake. Have you lights ? have you set the correct layers to render ? There are numerous things that could be doing this.


Richard Marklew. Thanks for helping. Do composite and Do Sequence was not selected. One lamp Default.
I try to change setting. Load factory settings and everything work fine??

Thank you.

I think there is some trubble with my iMac Intel 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.
Today I made a test of render F12 at my Blender 2.49a.
I have default settings with one lamp camera and one cube. Do Sequens OFF. Do Composite OFF

Same trubble as last time. F12 flashing for one second before going in to solid black.
F11 renderwindow ar perfect. No problem at all.
2.50 no problem with renderwindow F12.

This thing start to be very much irritating.

Do you have any ideas
Thanks in advance:):slight_smile:

reinstall it, the only way to make it all work.

Thanks ionee for helping.

OK I have delay both Blender 2.49b and 2.50 from my imac.

Maybe I find out the problem. Few months ago I upgrade my iMac Leopard 34 bits to Snow Leopard to 64 bits. ( Maybe Blender 2.49b dont run with 64 bits.) I dont have any trubble with 2.50

Advice me
Thank you.

No. Blender 2.49b and 2.5 both run fine on my Snow Leopard Mac.


Ok, thanks Richard Marklew
I begin reinstall 2.49b

Sorry. I going mad. I like Blender very much but this F12 problem make me mad.
I reinstall 2.49b as you told me.
I use default settings 1 cube one lamp. I selected the cube and hit F12 severel times 5-6. After I try to hit F11 and everything work fine.

Look at my blendfilevideo.

Thanks in advance:):slight_smile:

Looking at your video it looks very much like the problem I’ve had on a mac with 2.49a and 2.49b
At certain render image sizes it doesn’t show the render unless you then click the render window. I’ve not come up with a foolproof solution, just got to live with it. This problem is not present in the 2.5 builds.


Richard. OK. Yes, I dont have this problem with earlier version of blender and not on 2 50.
For me to change from 2.49b to 2.50 is a big step. I dont know anyting aboth 2.50 interface yet. I try little bit, but to much to be confused of. Can I use 2.49b interface to 2.50, probably not.

Thank for all help.

I think having both versions in the dock makes no difference, they do not interfere with each other.