Render Farm Help Needed ASAP

I’m working on an animation for a school project, and because of time constraints, I won’t be able to render it on my laptop. I know there are render farms out there where you sign up, and they let you have access to a network of computers if you add yours to the network. What publicly distributed render farms are out there? And what are some of the pros and cons of them. I tried vSwarm, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, and appears to be down at the moment. Any alternatives? Help needed soon!

You’re not going to get anything fast and reliable for free. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is.

That’s unfortunate to hear. I would think that the public distribution model would be quite popular, because you’d have access to a lot more computers than a commercial render farm would have.


Is only run through Facebook, or can I use it without using Facebook?

Me don´t try but it is useable with out facebook.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out then!

I don’t know if is still accepting beta applications, but that is a full-fledged commercial render farm (for BI AND cycles) that is doing free renders for beta testers. Might be worth looking into. Just make sure to report bugs and offer suggestions on anything you see that you can improve. They are really responsive to questions/comments and a great group of people running it.

I can see that being useful for a little while, but I’d have to switch to another network once they move out of beta, if I’d like to continue using it for free, so far seems like the best option for amateur animators and modellers, who can’t afford to fork over the cash needed to use top-notch render farms.

public render farms? think Fox render farm is reliable.

I was looking for ones that were free, ones where you cover the cost of using the render farm by supplying your computer to the network of computers. Fox Render Farm isn’t free, as far as I can tell, except for a limited trial.

The Beta-Tester can use it for free. But I’m not sure if you still can get a Beta-Test-Account.
They are the best I know, very fast, reliable and a good price.

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