Render farm Loki with Fedora 12 and XP

I make one tutorial about Loki on this link :

but i need something without gui for a linux server .

Any ideas ?

A lot of distros have server editions. I’m not too familiar with Red Hat based distros but I know UBUNTU does. You did mean an O.S. didn’t you?

Hey mythcat,
If I understood your question correctly, you’d like to run loki in master mode without a GUI? I had ideas for making the GUI and actual server engine modular so one could connect to a server on another computer, but I never implemented this.

Anyway, if you’re just interested in getting a GUI remotely, you could simply launch loki as master via X windows, that way the process is still on the ‘server’ computer, but you’re interacting with the GUI on your ‘control’ computer. I did it a while back when I was running a headless server and it worked just fine. Of course you need X windows running on both systems and enable the proper permissions between them. The other drawback of this is that you kill the process on the ‘server’ if you shutdown the ‘control’ computer.

If we’re not talking Unix based OS, then you could always remote into the server via VNC or something.

Hope this helps:)