Render farm on a budget.

Is there any way to use FreeBSD 5.3 command line (No x-windows installed) and Windows XP Pro (3D machine) to make a small render farm? Other PC’s could be added, but I would like to do this on a budget.

I’m sure there is a way to make this happen, but not sure exactly how. Any help would be appreciated.

why use windows anywhere?

I’m using (small)part of the Weta cluster (Lord of the rings render farm). Not for graphics mind you. But its just llinux install. I would sujest a “live cd” for ease of instillation.

Not that the computers are still the expensive part. 3Delight (renderman) sujested that a 10 machine render farm licence would be just $1000 per machine when i asked.


Thanks Deltor. The main reason for the need of Windows is simply the school i’m going to requires it for using 3DS Max. Using more than one machine to render would prove to be very handy in trying to get things done and still not have to worry about the render time.

I appreciate the information though. I may see if I can export to something like Povray on *nix and use some of our machines here running freebsd. I’ll have a look into that and see. :slight_smile: