Render farm!!!

i have 5 computers in my home…

my computer is a laptop and uses wireless.
the rest are all normal pc’s/ and all are connected to the internet…
is there anyway. or such a program that will let me use those computers sort of like a renderfarm to enhance rendering time.??

please help.

Hey Shannon,
Try Farmer Joe…a bit tricky to set up, but I use it for my 3 computer network here, and once you get it going, it is a wonderful tool to have available…

A note to remember, though, you need to do some tests once it is working to find the “sweet spot” for render time…case in point: I do a lot of product animations, where the render times are only 5-6 seconds a frame. When you combine that with the network overhead to save each frame and process the next one on queu, it can sometimes be faster to render on the single machine. Once your frames hit 30 seconds or longer to render, suddenly distributed rendering becomes a great benefit, because the network overhead becomes negligible in comparison to the render time.

Like I said earlier, Farmer Joe can be a bit tricky to set up (especially if you don’t have a networking background), but if you have any problems, PM me and I will walk you through it!