Render Farm

Okay, so I’m working on setting up a render farm, and I’m unsure of something. Is it better to use one really powerful computer, or the price equivalent of smaller computers in an array?

Hi, I would go for the powerful system you can afford.
For example, as I bought my i5 system it was 10 times faster than my old Q6600 core2quad (Blender benchmark).
It need also only 50% of the power.
Even when you get such old system very cheap, it make no sense.
But if it not to old :slight_smile: >>

Cheers, mib

One desktop does not a farm make. Unless you are putting in several multi-core CPUs and/or several graphics cards, but even then…

Are you genuinely looking to set up a render farm, or just for something that will reduce render times?

I’m a student and my teacher asked me to look into this. We have a lot of students that use blender. We use GTX 1080s for rendering, but for those of us that do animations, they often take a while to render. We have a server system running and it wouldn’t be difficult for us to set up a network rendering machine or a render farm. But I’m trying to figure out if it’s better for the single powerful machine, or multiple small machines. I haven’t been able to find any direct comparisons between the performance differences of those setups.