Render farming, RAIDs, etc...

Been searching wikipedia about these subjects but am still not clear about some stuff…

I want my blender to be super fast when it comes to rendering out images.

I’m not sure which is the fastest way to do things, through render farming and/or using RAID, I’m not sure if these are mutually exclusive items, meaning is render farming a form of RAID or vice versa.

Like, what if I got 3 quad core computers with some really nice graphics cards in each one and then somehow jimmy rigged them (not a technical term :slight_smile: ) What would you call that?

In all, which do you think is the fastest route. Please feel free not give a thorough explanation or explanation at all, as I will investigate further on my own. Just needs some pointing in the right direction. Thanks.


Take a look at FarmerJoe
Then you can use all our computers.


Interesting, how many computers, what’s the catch?

The catch? You should have more than one computer. The more the better :wink:

Hi again!

Ther is no catch with Farmerjoe just install and run it. Open Source is nice…

Just so’s you know, RAID has absolutely nothing to do with “tying” multiple computers together - the acronym stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independant) Disks (or Drives), referring to the various ways of combining hard disk drives together (NOT computers).

(Personal pet peeve: Average folks out there start throwing around terms likes “Hard Drives” and “CPU” and “Memory” and “RAM” willy-nilly without really caring about what these terms are actually referring to or what they actually mean.)

In order for you to harness the rendering power of your multiple computers, you will HAVE to set up a LAN (a Local Area Network)! Start your research there before you approach the topic of Render Farms such as Farmer Joe or Loki Render. (Visit this recent thread of a similar topic.)