Render Farms for Eevee

I plan on making a lot of animations in the future. I fear this will overload my GPU and cause it to fail some day and it’s very difficult and expensive to get a new graphics card in these times.

So I’m looking for some alternative solution, where I can pay a somewhat “cheap” price for rendering in Eevee at a render farm.

It needs to meet these criteria:

  1. It must automatically detect my Blender version when I upload a .blend file with packed textures (I’m currently on 2.93). I don’t want to download and install a new Blender version every time I have to render an animation, so it must be backwards compatible, at least with some versions.

  2. It must render in Eevee.

  3. It should offer a subscription per month, no more than 10 Euros/month.
    The monthly subscription plan must include the option on rendering in Eevee as well as Cycles.

  4. It must give me the option of rendering a JPG sequence, downloadable as a ZIP file.

Sheepit Render farm does all this and it’s free. You will get faster renders if you contribute and do some rendering yourself, but you don’t have to.

RenderStreet does 1,2 and 4, including optimized Eevee rendering. And as a bonus, we have an add-on that launches a render with one click from your Blender.

We also have a monthly subscription that actually works, but at the moment it only includes Cycles.

As your hardware is not used while rendering on RenderStreet, there won’t be any wear and tear for it, and no additional power costs at your home, when using our service.

However, I would also be a bit surprised if EEVEE did any real damage to your GPU, as long as you don’t have heat-dispersion problems in your hardware’s physical design. EEVEE uses your graphics card for the purposes for which it was intended. Cycles, on the other hand, uses your graphics card as a mathematics array-coprocessor, which can be a much more intensive use. (It’s getting much better, though …)

A render-farm can still be useful, though, when you are up against a deadline and “many hands make light(er) work.”

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