Render Farms recommendation?


I have a large animation job coming up (very tight deadline) and need to use a render farm to complete it.

I have looked at Render Street with their $50 per month rendering option and also RebusFarm which charge a one off fee (about 200 euros for what i need, 1000 frames @ 15 min per frame).

Has anybody used these render farms? any recommendation?

This is quite urgent so any help is much appreciated.


Renderstreet is nice and easy to use, the 50$ is base fee for some account type, you still pay by server hour which depends on the account type you have.

The cheapest way by far is to set up your own renderfarm on Amazon using brenda scripts, but it takes some time, trial and error to initially set everything ready. is a good place to start gathering information about brenda tools, the source itself is in github, search for James Yonan and Brenda.

Kesonmis, thanks for the info. Will check out what you suggest.

PS. The link you provided goes to an empty plesk panel, in fact all brenda pro sites seem to be down. Just my luck!

i recently rendered some small animations with pixelplow. worked great!
you can choose between faster and paying more or cheaper but will take longer

Thanks for the recommendation, kesonmis. Just one comment regarding it: we have the RenderStreet One plan, which is a flat fee $50 per month for unlimited rendering, without any other fees. In addition to it, we also have the on-demand plans with payment per hour (rounded down to the minute). I hope this helps :slight_smile: