Render for fun

Hi. Here is a render to show off a few models of mine in a plain scene so I don’t have to show anyone’s real home with them :smiley: All assets except the painting(that is the result of Google search for ‘stain cc0’) and the texture of the magazine are mine so you are welcome to critique or comment on anything you see.

Blender, Cycles, MD, Photoshop


Very nice. The preview image in the thread doesn´t do it justice. If click on it and enlarge the image you can rally apreciate the detail of the models.
Love the rug.

Thanks :slight_smile: . The rug is actually mostly Photoshop except shadow and light information. Cannot figure out how to render those :smiley: or where to get good enough textures.

Yeah - rugs are a world of their own :slight_smile:
have you tried messing with hair particles? that is really the way to go for this kind of stuff
but can drive you nuts befofe you get what you want :slight_smile:

however - why not go nuts with blender ?

great work - i love the sofa and lamps

Jarek D (DJ)

nice work !!!

Hair particles are great in some cases. I see nothing too nuts about them, however they take up too much space in GPU memory for rendering. Some carpets in reality are the thing that is actually nuts. I get to see small samples of various carpets at work. Fibers often have complex shapes and forms and structures. I’ve seen carpets with iridescent fibers :smiley: That’s just ridiculous. They are not even possible to simulate in Cycles, not even talking about render times… Carpets are problematic. Every time I think about the time that I want to spend on my renders I come to the same conclusion - render carpets grey with some bump made with a fine noise texture so that the shadows look softer and apply Photoshop magic. With stills this is just so much faster… I should have done something about the parts where furniture should be sinking into the carpet a bit in this render, but I was lazy and skipped that part this time.

At the moment with some feedback from other people I think the composition could be improved by moving the painting 20cm to the left and sofa with all the stuff on the floor 5 or 10 cm to the right, there is an area of complete blackness under the sofa, that is too much so I should put some light there and maybe make the base of the sofa a bit lighter, so there is detail there. There is also this weird white blob on the pillow under where the floor lamp is pointed at. I also now think that the fabric of the sofa is not exactly the best I can do so I think it needs to be redone completely. I should also use a proper canvas texture on the bump of the painting instead of the terrible noise there that I am ashamed of now. I am thinking maybe I could put a knit blanket on the sofa as well. That would make the scene too full, kind of overcrowded even more with the painting and the ceiling lamp already competing for attention too much, but it could also add more detail and realism and would be a great way to show off my technical skills, as I might decide to use this in my portfolio maybe. Would be nice to hear some feedback on that.

Should I be thinking of improving anything else?

Arent hair particles dupligroups and treated like them? If not why not just use a bunch of modeled hair in a group as the render group of your emtter? You can create billions, or actually unlimited numbers of hair that way without any sagnificant hit to memory use.

There is a very significant hit. Render time as well. Plus the actual structures fibers make in carpets are sometimes a lot more complex than it seems at first glance. Like this, for example I mean… It’s probably possible, I just don’t find it practical.

Epic look, mood, style, light and resolution!!

Really cool!!!

Ja, looks like a nightmare.
I guess it would be possible to model 10 variants of the fibre strands or so and then just use them as hair geometry in order to avoid memory problems. But since the Photoshop version looks great it is questionable if it is worth the effort.

Yeah :smiley: I know I know. But we are comparing that to literally 10 minutes in Photoshop with a few variations to test out… It’s hard to resist that.

Thank you both! I really appreciate the kind words. :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile: