Render force close

I’m currently working on a large scale scene but when it comes to rendering it in cycles it force closes
No warning no crashes no error code
I’ve tried decimating poly count and setting tile size to 20x20 and it still force closes

I’m trying to render it at 50 samples (for test render) windows 10 with 16gb ram GeForce 2070 super and 125gb SSD
All drivers are fully up to date
Thanks in advance and please feel free to ask for additional information

Hi and welcome, does it work with CPU only setting?
Open Blender from a command line to get error messages:

Open the Command Prompt, go to the directory where Blender is installed, and then run Blender:

cd c:\<blender installation directory>

Cheers, mib

Hi thanks for the reply
No it won’t work with cpu or gpu
The command post a fail also however I reverted from 2.9 back 2.8 and it’s rendering

A full 12hrs of meltdowns and YouTube videos and all I had to do is go back to 2.8 :joy:

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