Render from another view

Can I render from another view other than from the camera view?

You can set the currently selected camera to view you want by first hovering mouse on the wanted view and after that by hitting ctrl-alt-0.

So your saying that blender only can render out from cam view? I can’t render from front,side,top View with out a cam?

You can make OpenGL render of viewport by hitting the far right button at the header of the 3d viewport.

Also you can set up cameras to any views you want and then select camera and hit ctrl-0 to render from that camera.

Ultimate solution would probably be to make some sort of script to render each view you want in case you want many at once or keyframe single camera to top\side\etc. and then render animation.

how do I swith to another cam view port? Like I have 2 Cams all pointing at a different view of the object.

Select the Camera you want to use and Ctrl-Numpad-zero.