Render from my tire/rim tutorial...


more of a product shot here. It was rendered for a german tutorial
posted on the blend.polis website i´m working on for some time now…
well, till now i had not time to finish it, maybe on this weekend at the conf.
in Amsterdam…

See ya, Olaf.

Great tread modelling.

Not sure about the bump map for the logos and details on the sidewall though. Maybe you could have used actual text meshes for that and some bevelled circles or something? Just looks a bit flat.

Now I will have to go check out your tute.

Nice work.


Some more texture/bump on the tire would also help. Looks too plain…


I agree with Mhpe about the texture of the tire part, but you did an excellent job on the modeling. Very good overall.

i love the blender rim logo lol

Very impressive.
Where can I find that tut?

Very nice indeed.

I’m not sure if it’s missing something but maybe some texture is needed to make the black part more realistic.

Looks good… Some ambient occlusion would suit it very well.

It would be nice to see that tutorial, the tire thread looks very good… It’s hard to make it that clean. I just modelled a tire few weeks ago. :slight_smile: