Render from script not showing tile progress

I’ve got a script which makes some changes, and eventually renders. Every once in a while I can see the tile progress, but usually it just does nothing or temporarily stops responding, then when the render is finished it pops up in the ‘render result’ I’ve tried changing to ‘new window’, ‘keep ui’ etc… Any way to force blender to show tile progess? This is the code that calls the render:


Maybe you should try fiddling with the context you involve “render” with.

Could you expand any on that? As I said, everything renders, although gpu is slower and ‘stops responding’ although it does recover and produce an image.

I’m getting an error, wm_operator_invoke:invalid operator call RENDER_OT_VIEW_SHOW

Which I know is coming from the first line bpy.ops.render.view_show(). I think the error is essentially saying you can only call this by actually clicking a button, and not directly from a script.

Thank you very much codemanx. Flawless. Works perfectly.

Can you post an example?


This was over 3 years ago, I don’t have the code from that project easily accessible, sorry!

What are you trying to do?