Render from the actual view

Hi again!

There is a method to renderize the scene from the actual prospective view instead the camera view?


Please read the Blender Documentation before asking. The documentation lies here. This is the actual doc. This is the reference pages for the doc

You might try google.
“blender render in 3D view”

Thanks but i can’t find how renderize by the 3d view.
Can you help me a little more? Can you suggest me the page or the chapter where this information is write?


Depending on what you want, you can set the camera to your current position and orientation with CTRL+ALT+0(ZERO ON NUMPAD).

Or you can go to “File>Dump 3Dview” to save what you see.

Hey, great! The ctrl+alt+0 method works! Thanks a lot!

It’s still a good thing but can i renderize the actual view without change the camera position?

Try this: make another camera, then use one camera as the one that you don’t want to move, and use one as the one you do want to move (you might want to change the names accordingaly).

Go to camera view and set it up the way you want, unless it’s already set up. Then click on the camera that you don’t go to when you press 0 on the numpad, select it, and press numpad ctrl-0. You now have a new camera! Move as the gentlemen stated above, and if you wanna go back, just select the original camera and press ctrl-0.

Ok, it works great!

Thanks so much!

May not be what you’re after, but each 3D view has a little “render” button on its header:
(only gives the OpenGL view, tho - not an actual render, AFAIK…)

This could be a future feature though.
3D max has had the option to render whatever view you want for ages.

it would be beautiful