Render glitch.

Hello there, I don’t know what’s wrong with my blender currently. The problem’s thus: I’m working with a scene containing many lights each in a separate layer. And whenever I select a particular layer and its light and change its parameters and render, the scene gets rendered with some other lights that I’ve not selected at all. To get it to render properly I’ve move the camera about before giving the render command or to cancel the first render (the erroneous one) and give the render command again. Why is this so? Have I unknowingly changed an option? Or is it because of something else? Would like to know the reason.

Thanking you,

I’ve noticed that bug. It tends to happen when lighting is changed in any way. For some reason the G key will correct it. Blender’s great but to use it with a higher degree of sucess you have to know the bugs and workarounds.

Thanks for the reply. I guess you’re right about knowing the workarounds to use blender well. But is this bug consistent? Because I’m having this trouble only for a few days now.
For now I’ll try the G key.