Render GRID "Blender Farm"

To Moderators:
I’m not sure if this was the correct place to post this, I couldn’t find a category that really matched what I wanted to post. Feel free to move this.

I have a simple question to ask. I have >6 computers here that are capable of running Windows 7, and I was planning on setting these computers up for rendering.

I was just curious, would anyone on here pay to use this service? If so how much per hour?

I just want to make sure this is worth-it before I put a large amount of effort into setting this up.

Thanks in advance,

I am not looking for a rendering service, got my own little farm going now, but about 2years ago I used an online render farm service to render about 5000 frames worth of animation, all in hd format. About 600 of those frames messed up, and were aborted and I was not informed of this untill I downloaded the images and played them back in after effects. This was 3 days untill the deadline. Yea leaving the rendering that late is my fault, but I had no choice here. Anyway my small rant leads me on to this point. I would have paid a bit more for an actual person(not an automated system) to check in once a while to see if anything has failed. I’m fact I would have paid quite a bit more. What I’m saying is, if you are looking to make money from a small renderfarm, then I would maybe go down the more ‘bespoke’ rendering solution, instead of trying to compete with the big boys and there fully automated systems. There’s something about automated systems that doesn’t gel with me for some things. I know it’s not feasible to have someone check all the renders for a large renderfarm company, I get that, it’s business. But for some projects, I would love te knowledge that someone is making sure my project is churning g away fine.

As for price, you gotta figure that out. Look at other renderfarms online and price it based on the specs of the computers, software used etc…

Oh and i would use laki to get the farm setup. It’s easy to setup and also easy to extend with some java knowledge.

Sorry for a fairly extended rant