Render help!!!

how to fix lines in front of the yeard?
I still working, with bilding and sky with sun, but if you can find more mistakes say to me.


Try to increase the bias for the spot lamps to get rid of the bands. Increasing samples can also help.

the halo on the lights is too strong, it looks really wierd.

Yeah, the lens flare looks terrible.

Post a smaller, higher quality render next time, it’s hard to judge an image that large and compressed.

Hope it lucks beter now?


Great start. Here’s my tips.

  1. add at texture to the water. check out this tut.

  2. I still think the yellow flares don’t look to good. try using volumetric lighting for the sun instead.

  3. Use particles for the grass. Don’t know at tut for it right now, but check out the documentation at

I hope that it is what you mean emfrobia


Better Better, but the lighting still looks like you made seperate spot lights for each part. Maybe one larger spot light, and take the halo values down even more? Anyways, heres a link for a grass tutorial, this will work only as a long as you don’t mind increasing your render times a lot. I hope your computer is good, because this kind of grass slows down the G5 dual 2.5 Ghz at my school (1 min 30 secs to render a grassy field). Anways, I’ll stop talkign and get you the link
Good luck, good work, and keep on blending!

XrQLz :wink: