Render HUGE image for printing?


I’m a musician, for the fun I started to do the CD covers, the back, and even the cd booklet. The CD covers has a pixel size of 4096*4096, I think it’s gonna be an excellent quality for printing.

But now I have the idea of making a tarpauling advertising, I thought about this last night when I was thinking about mates and their bands (they have a tarpauling ad).

I checked on a site, and it’s not expensive! for 50€ I can print a tarpauling ad of 32 meters.
The site says the file (I’ll use jpeg by facilities because they accept jpeg) needs to have a pixel size of 24315
16441 pixel.

That’s HUUUUUUUGE! And Blender don’t want to render this, so how can I tell blender to split the image (like a puzzle)?
I hope I could redo the image with Gimp…
That’s the id. EG 9 parts…

With Gimp, I’ll also change the DPI value, the value is always set to 72 but I’ll change to 150 DPI for best printing.

Tell me if I’m doing it the wrong way, or if there’s other way with good result… (Like renduce the image to render by 25% and resize it by 5 with gimp…)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Does this help?

Try this

The best advice is to contact a printer and discuss with them the minimum resolution for a given viewing distance. Billboards, for example, are meant to viewed at a distance of say, 10m, allowing a print resolution as low as 20dpi.
If this is to hang behind a band, the audience is not going to get up close to it. Even at 50dpi(~20px per cm), that’s an image around 6000 x 4000px.

Print a sample area at different resolutions for comparison.

Keep in mind that 1920 x 1080 is still considered a suitable resolution for cinema projection. 3m x 2m is smaller than a cinema screen.

Thanks guys, I’ll test the other add on that Korchy talks about, it seems more clear.
The first one works fine but is not easy to use…

Yes, by the way, I had the idea to add 2 QR codes, one to directly find my YouTube page, and another one to my Facebook “artist” page…
Even if it’s a cool idea, I’m wondering if it’s convenient. If the billboard is behind me, even if I’ll play on small stages, I don’t even know if people could scan the QR code…

Should I keep it or forget it?
Actually they have a size of 25.825.8 cm = 9.849.84inches
I can easily upscale them to 65cm = 25,59inches

Even with the sizes in front of me, I’m wondering how close you have to be to scan the QR properly…
EDIT : I found out
“To know the best size for your QR code, there’s this simple equation :
QR Code size = distance of reading divided by 10
EG : 33*33cm for a reading distance of 3meters”

Sorry, I won’t bother converting it to feet, I have difficulties with imperials, even if I’m half US ahah, I guess I’ll improve it when I’ll live in the US :eyebrowlift:


I work for a printer (in the UK).

For large prints such as you describe we usually produce artwork at 25% of print size at 300dpi. Print quality is acceptable for the majority or work we produce and file sizes are not massive.

I would be hesitant to provide jpegs to any print shop. If they operate a pdf workflow then it’s possible they will add another level of jpeg compression to your artwork when they set it up for print. Either send lossless tiff or zip-compressed pdf.