Render huge image using cycles

hi everybody,
I am trying to render a huge image using cycles (20000X13000)
blender limitation is 10K
monster tile (A script) doesn’t work for me because I use blender 2.66.

regions (yet another script) wont work with cycles…

when i try to split the render using shift+B blender crushes.

are there any other solutions?

thank you!

when i try to split the render using shift+B blender crushes

CPU or GPU mode? Any chance to get more details about crash?

Create a gigapixel setup? More complex but it will work.

Try 10000x6500 and change the 100% to 200% by typing it in. It will take a lot of ram though, just to warn you. Test scene took about 14 gigs.

Beet Da Brat

Monster Tile Render does even work with 2.67, but somehow you need to run it from Text Editor… So grab the one i’ve linked, unzip it and drop the to a Blender Text Editor then hit Run Script in Text Editor.

thanks everybody!
for some reason i wasn’t notified about your replies…
sorry about that.

what i actually did was to convince the client that he has no use for such a big render and rendered it 7000K
the print was successful :slight_smile:
the client was happy.

conclusion: A sharp tongue is a very imported tool for a 3D artist :slight_smile: