Render Image(F12) vs. Render Animation. Different?

Hi. Pretend I’m a newbee (I’m not).

Is it possible, or is it all in my head? Why does rendering a single frame look different from that frame in a rendered animation?


"Newbies" :wink: tend to give not enough information about their special problem so someone might ask about the pure rendered image shown in blender (not saved yet) and an already saved (and compresssed) animationa part…
or to oversee that there is a search function ( :mag: top right)… so someone might give one or two examples…

…and newbies tend to tell: i knew all that… afterwards…

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So true.

My special problem is the apparent picture quality. When I compare the image version of frame #n to the animated version of frame #n, they “seem” different. It’s contrast or brightness or something.

Oh well… I render, therefore I am.

So… you use a lossless file format, don’t have any de-noiser enabled and also don’t use any motion blur… anndd measure those values with what ?

Then again… if you look at any moveing images… they are all… WWOOSSSSHHH :wink:

are you rendering the animation to a video format or frame sequence?

mp4s often look more washed out. but i compared png outputs from f12 and render animation and they are identical for me.

I’m doing mp4 for both the original render and the final VSE render. So, that’s 2 layers of “wash out”.

Hmmm… the sequence idea has always scared me for some reason.

I will survive.

…uses frames before and after to make the best compression… → meaning different every time you change the start or stop frame… → not comparable

OK, got it!


I hear EXR is superior. Any truth to that?

Quoted from WikiPedia:

It is notable for supporting multiple channels of potentially different pixel sizes, including 32-bit unsigned integer, 32-bit and 16-bit floating point values…

…so : YES…

But having rendered every frame in any lossless image format already makes a big change because you can do corrective things without a complete re-render… (with accordinly preparations)… of course the needed disk spaces increases…

There a re multiple thread about this here… just try searching for: using EXR

I just tried an experiment. Instead of Filmic…, Standard. Instead of mp4…, avi raw.

Little, subtle details jumped out.

Might have to change my HDRI World Light by making it a little brighter.

Thanks y’all for your inspiration.