render in 2.5

see pic

what are theses options in 2.5 for rendering and how to use these

also F12 in aplha 0 replace the window with a new one

so i there a way to open an independatn window for rendering then come back to the blender normal window where you can continue to work on your scene?

an di fyo do this is it going to affect the render or not
i meanif you change things in the scene is the render dynimcally upated or you need to redo another render to getr the modifications?


These are the same as the Render Display options in 2.49

Render Display
Render Display is a dynamic menu that lets you select where the image should be displayed

  • Render Window (default) - In a pop-up window.
  • Full Screen - Full-screen on your monitor.
  • Image Editor - Piped directly into Blender’s built-in Image Editor.
    When rendering to an Image Editor window or a popup Render Window, the grid of 9 buttons allows you to select the location of the window, either the window frame that will be used to become the Image Editor window, or the general location of the popup Render Window when it pops up.

what do you mean by 9 grid buttons?

are you talking in the UV image editor in 2.5 - all the buttons there

or something else

i tried the “other window” option and i got a weird original blender screen
and had to open and close it to get back the normal blender window screen
so may be a bug in alpha 0

but you can also open a new window with Shift drag where i guess you could do a render

so there are other options i guess


I 2.49 you select where you want the render window to appear (top left, bottom middle etc etc with the 9 boxes - see image)

The ‘New Window’ is just the same as ‘Render Window’ - a new separate window.

It seems to work like it should to me, like 2.49.


ok remember this thing in render panel

but i check the 2.5 render panel
did see it there is there another place to find this 9 box thingny!